Find the best van for towing in every shape and size

A van is one of the best choices if you’re regularly towing additional cargo, but how do you choose the best van to tow?

Whether you're towing a trailer or a caravan, there’s much you need to consider when choosing your next van lease if you’re a frequent tower.

In this van towing guide, we’ll explore some of the best vans from every size category, proving you don’t always need to go large to carry a respectable load.

The average weight of a standard two birth caravan is likely to be between 800-1,200kg, or up to 2,000kg if you're towing a larger family caravan.

Please note that maximum braked towing weights may vary from model to model depending on your engine choice.

Best small vans for towing

Many small vans can match or compete with popular estate cars when it comes to their towing capacity. One of the main benefits of towing with a small van is their car-like maneuverability, especially when travelling through busier urban environments.

Volkswagen Caddy Cargo - Up to 1,500kg

One of the modern classics in the small van sector, the Caddy Cargo has established itself as one of the go-to vans in this class.

The Caddy Cargo has a load capacity of up to 711kg (model dependent) and with 180 degree opening rear doors, it’s as practical as it is versatile.

The cabin space has plenty of stowage potential and handy car-like technology making it a modern and practical van to drive.

Citroen Berlingo van

Pictured: 2023 Citroen Berlingo

Citroen Berlingo – Up to 1,500kg

The Citroen Berlingo is a popular contender in the small van space due to its combination of competitive towing capacity and excellent payload.

In this instance, it’s the combustion engine you’ll want to consider. More on its electric variant later.

With the ability to carry up to 1,010kg, there’s not going to be much you can’t shift in this small but mighty Berlingo van.

Side profile of the Peugeot Partner van

Peugeot Partner – Up to 1,250kg

If you’re looking for an alternative to the Berlingo or the Caddy Cargo, the Peugeot Partner should be up there on your shortlist.

If you choose the Long Partner body type and its diesel engine, you can enjoy a towing capacity of up to 1,250kg.

Couple that with a load volume of up to 4.4m3, it has tonnes of practical space and Peugeot’s latest cabin technology, including its i-Cockpit, which includes its eight-inch touchscreen.

Best medium vans for towing

When using a medium van to tow, you have the additional benefit of being able to couple a competitive towing capacity with a reasonable payload.

Ford Transit Custom – Up to 2,800kg

If you want a van, why trust anything else other than a Ford Transit Custom? So often the van of choice, this thing is popular with millions of people for a reason.

Not only does it have a towing capacity of 2,800kg, but it has a maximum load space of 6.8m3 and a maximum gross payload of 1,190kg.

It’ll tackle a family-size caravan, while still having plenty of space to load all your goods in the back for that weekend getaway.

Toyota Proace

Toyota Proace – Up to 2,500kg

The Toyota Proace understands that no two businesses are the same, so the way we utilise our vehicles should accommodate for that.

It offers flexible and versatile storage solutions in the front of the cabin with its innovative Smart Cargo solutions, with a generous payload of up to 1,400kg.

Available as a medium or long Panel van or People Carrier, its 2,500kg towing capacity (model dependent) is competitive for this sector.

Mercedes-Benz Vito – Up to 2,500kg

Two different model types, two different lengths and three trim levels, the Mercedes-Benz Vito is one of the most versatile medium sized vans on the market.

The Panel Van variant comes with a competitive payload of up to 1,051kg, the highest of any version of the Vito.

A more than capable workhorse while on site, it offers all the performance and flexibility you need while carrying the class and presence that comes with the Mercedes badge.

Best large vans for towing

From trailers, family caravans and heavy loads, the humble large van is the go-to choice when nothing else will do. With the best towing figures on the market, there are a number of competitive choices in the large van sector if you’re regularly travelling with a heavy load in tow.

Iveco Daily – Up to 3,500kg

If there’s two things you want from a large van (aside from a competitive towing capacity), it’s for it to be efficient and for it to be comfortable as you tackle those lengthy journeys.

The Iveco Daily is up there with the best in its class for both efficiency and creature comforts.

It offers a choice of multiple engines, including a compressed natural gas alternative designed for efficiency.

Throughout the Daily range there are three roof heights to choose from, with the potential to increase the cargo volume up to 19.6m3.

It is also the first LCV to feature memory seat cushions, headrests and back rests to ensure you’re comfortable on the move.

Volkswagen Crafter – Up to 3,500kg

VW know a thing or two about building reliable vans and the Crafter reaps the rewards of the German manufacturer’s pedigree in the LCV sector.

The Crafter is one of the most popular large panel vans available right now.

Alongside its healthy 3,500kg towing capacity, it has a load volume up to 18.4 m3 and comes in a choice of four lengths and three heights. 

Citroen Relay van

Citroen Relay – Up to 3,000kg

Available in a choice of four lengths and three heights, the Citroen Relay is the modern large van, built for modern businesses.

Alongside its competitive 3,000kg towing capacity, it has a maximum payload of up to 1,870kg, depending on the variant.

The cabin is filled with the latest technology and driver assistance systems to support a comfortable day-to-day experience.

Best electric vans for towing

The instant torque provided by electric vans ensures they’re still more than capable of towing a respectable figure.

If you or your business is considering the switch and still need to tow, consider some of these vans on an electric van lease.

Citroen E-Dispatch – Up to 1,000kg

Offering a claimed range of up to 196 miles, the Citroen e-Dispatch is one of the strongest contenders in the electric van sector when it comes to towing.

Supporting its 1,000kg towing capacity is a competitive 6.1 m3 of load space.

Depending on your battery size, it can be rapid charged from zero to 80% in just 30 minutes, ensuring you’re not hanging around any longer than you need to be to get your business back on the road.

Volkswagen ID. Buzz Cargo with its side doors open

Pictured: Cargo variant of the popular ID. Buzz

Volkswagen ID. Buzz Cargo – Up to 1,000kg

One of the newest additions to the electric van sector, the Volkswagen ID. Buzz has a towing capacity of up to 1,000kg.

Available as a passenger van and a commercial vehicle, it has a claimed range of up to 258 miles and a rapid charge time of 5-80% in just 30 minutes. 

The ID. Buzz is a look into what the future of electric van mobility could look like with futuristic looks and high-quality technology.

Peugeot e-Expert – Up to 1,000kg

If you’re a fan of the Citroen e-Dispatch, you’ll also be an admirer of the Peugeot e-Expert. They share similar parts, along with the Toyota Proace Electric.

The e-Expert has a 205-mile claimed range and just like the e-Dispatch, it can be charged from zero to 80% in 30 minutes.

From a practicality perspective, it has a maximum payload of 1,226kg and a load space of up to 6.1m3, model dependent.

Best pick-ups for towing

Ford Ranger – Up to 3,500kg

If you picture a pick-up in your mind, there’s a good chance you’re thinking about a Ford Ranger.

The ever-popular Ranger has a towing capacity of up to 3,500kg.

Latest Ranger models come fitted with an integrated electric trailer brake controller that adjusts the trailer’s brakes to ensure a smooth and ride while towing.

Whatever your needs, the Ranger’s line-up is filled with choice, from a range of body styles and trim levels, including the Wildtrak and the sought-after Raptor.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak

Toyota Hilux - Up to 3,500kg

Pick-ups don’t come much more rugged than the Toyota Hilux.

Don’t be mistaken by its looks, though. The Hilux is the very definition of a modern pick-up. It’s available as single or double cab variants, with a towing capacity of up to 3,500kg and a 1,000kg payload.

It has the tough looks on the exterior but it’s hugely practical and its storage potential is vast.

Inside the cabin the interior technology will rival many modern family cars, ensuring the Hilux is a pick-up that can do it all.

Toyota Hilux towing a trailer

Ssanyong Musso - Up to 3,500kg

The Ssanyong Musso is one of the leading pick-ups when it comes to towing. In fact, they go as far as claiming they are the only vehicle in this sector of the market that can tow 3,500kg and carry over 1,000kg simultaneously.

In total, the payload can rise to a whopping 1,205kg in the Musso Saracen+. Paired with the 2.2 litre turbo diesel engine, which is capable of 441Nm of torque, the Musso is an incredibly practical option in the pick-up sector if you’re transporting large scale cargo regularly.

It’s not all about heavy performance figures, though. It does all the above with an air of style and stance through the large unmistakable front grille.

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