Cancelling your vehicle lease agreement.

Here we provide information regarding our cancellation policy and relating terms and conditions. Please refer to this documentation if you are considering cancelling Vanparison’s brokerage services.

Please be aware that the following relates to cancelling Vanparison’s brokerage services only and does not, therefore, reflect your cancellation rights with the finance provider of your lease deal.

Cancellation Policy for Regulated Agreements

Consumer Contracts Regulations dictate that regulated credit broking agreements that have been made without any face-to-face contact (i.e via phone or internet) come with the statutory right to cancel without penalty or reason within 14 calendar days.

A regulated agreement applies to all personal customers, sole traders and partnerships with up to four partners. It does not apply to Limited companies, Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) and Partnerships with more than four partners as these agreements are unregulated.

This 14-day cancellation period begins from the date you sign and submit your vehicle order form.

It is possible to cancel your agreement after this period, but fees will apply. If you submit a formal cancellation request after the 14-day cancellation period, Vanparison will retain the full £249+VAT processing fee taken at the time of order. This is to cover all costs incurred in arranging the vehicle order and finance arrangement up until that point. Furthermore, if charges have been incurred from the vehicle supplier, these fees will be owed in full by the cancelling party. 

If you collect your vehicle on location with us and therefore sign for your new car in person, the standard 14-day cooling off period does not apply. We will retain the full £249 +VAT processing fee if you cancel your order having entered the contract in person, and further costs to collect the vehicle will be incurred where applicable.

Cancellation Policy for Unregulated Agreements

Contract Hire agreements made by Limited Companies, Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) and Partnerships with more than four partners are unregulated. In these circumstances, where an agreement is cancelled following submission of a completed order form, cancellation fees will apply.

If your vehicle has gone into build, the charge would be 10% of the full list price.

For in stock vehicles or those that have not yet gone into build, the cancellation fee will equal 2 monthly rentals.

Furthermore, in the event that delays or price increases occur that are outside of our control, Vanparison must be given first refusal to supply an alternative vehicle at competitive rates. If not, the above cancellations rates would apply.

How to cancel the order of your lease vehicle

If you wish to exercise your right to cancel your order, you must notify Vanparison by a clear statement in writing by post or email:

Vanparison Leasing

Stratford House, Waterbridge Court

Matford Park Road, Marsh Barton

Exeter, EX2 8ED

[email protected]

Within this communication you must include your full name, address and details of the order you wish to cancel.

If we cancel your order

Although extremely rare, there may be circumstances where Vanparison are unable to fulfil your order – such as when there are unfavourable changes to manufacturer build schedules or changes to rates between order and delivery that we have no control of and cannot protect against. If Vanparison are forced to cancel an order due to circumstances outside of the customer’s control, the processing fee will be refunded in full.

For those entitled to a refund of the processing fee taken when their order was placed, refunds will be issued as soon as possible but within 28 workings days from the day on which Vanparison is in receipt of your formal cancellation request.