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Fleet Management Solutions

Do you want to know more about a personalised and informative fleet support service that has been designed to save you time and money?

It all sounds too good to be true, but with our Fleet Management Solutions, we can improve your fleet performance, ensure your teams are kept safe and well organised, all while reducing your expenditure at the same time.

With the help of our Business Development Manager, Steve, Vanparison could revolutionise both your business and your fleet management operation.

We know that the day-to-day running of your fleet of vans is not only crucial to your company's bottom line, the safety of your staff and the organisation of your whole operation. 

It's complex. It's time consuming. It's oh-so-important. 

Steve offers over 20 years of experience within this ever-evolving industry. This comes with a wealth of hard-earned contacts from across the UK with whom a transfer of knowledge, recommendations and analytics are at your service.

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Why choose our fleet management consultation?

Our fleet management support solutions are designed around you, your business and your drivers. We can offer as much or as little support or ongoing management as required, all starting with a free initial fleet management consultation. 

This consultation will allow us to virtually meet you and discuss your current fleet requirements. We can then propose personalised and cost-effective fleet management solutions for your consideration. This could include alternative funding methods, new suppliers, innovative telematics solutions for improved efficiencies, identifying improved fleet management software, or simply directing you to our favoured signage, accessory and conversion contacts.

How can our fleet management solutions save you money? 

  1. Cost health check
    Following analysis of your current fleet structure, fleet data and finances, we will provide our cost-saving recommendations. This will include comparing what you are currently paying for your fleet to what you could be paying if your fleet were to be arranged through Vanparison.
  2. Exclusive terms and discount
    This assessment of your fleet size and requirements will allow us to present the opportunity for exclusive terms with you and your business. This has the potential to significantly cut your fleet costs through utilising our industry and dealership contacts and already powerful order volumes through them.
  3. Any make or model 
    Due to our well-grounded expertise and extensive relationships throughout the UK automotive network, we are delighted to be able to offer all makes and models of car and van, with ongoing fleet solutions to help manage your team and vehicles.

    Many of our offers are in stock with lead times of only a few weeks. If time isn't of the essence, factory order vehicles of every available trim and specification are at your fingertips also.
  4. Fixed costs - leasing
    There are many financial benefits for businesses in choosing to lease. It is often the most cost-effective means to procure new vans as it isn't an APR accruing product and you are covering the cost of depreciation rather than the full vehicle value. You will pay a fixed cost every month, including maintenance if you choose to do so, with no hidden extras.

    This also frees up your capital to invest elsewhere in the business. Unlike other fleet-management companies, our expertise in leasing means we can also help you with easy vehicle acquisition, allowing us to become your only stop for taking your fleet to the next level.  
  5. Telematics and tracking
    Manage driver safety procedures, driver behaviour and provide a duty of care through driving licence and conviction checks. MOT, servicing and repair bookings will be taken care of, as will fines and parking tickets.
  6. A one-stop-shop for branding and usability optimisation
    We know that the van itself isn't the only consideration you will be faced with when adding to your fleet. That's why our fleet management solution includes the arrangement of vehicle signage, accessories and conversions. Once again, you will benefit from our industry knowledge and contacts, as well as associated discounts.

Start your journey to a more cost-effective and efficient fleet with a free, no-obligation fleet management consultation. 

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