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How do I order my lease van?

To check on the progress of your order, you can either get in touch with your leasing consultant or open an online account.

Step 1 - search and compare

Our search tool allows you to compare three different vans from the many lease deals we have available to help narrow down your search and personalise the available terms.

You can browse all makes and models of van, or search by type if you know what sort of van you’re after and aren’t so fussed on brand.

Step 2 - finance application

When you’ve submitted an order, you’ll need to provide us with all the relevant details to submit a finance application.

We’ll send this to the funder who is financing your van, and they’ll let us know whether you’ve been ‘approved’ or ‘declined’. If you’re approved, we can move forward with the order.

However, if your finance is declined, you’ll need to reconsider your funding method.

Step 3 - order your lease van

If your finance is approved, you’ll need to sign and return an order form.

Once this is complete, we can order the van you want from the supplying dealership. You’ll also need to make the £249 + VAT processing fee payment at this stage, which can be done over the phone or via BACS.

This fee covers the costs involved in locating, securing, and marketing the best deals at the best prices.

Step 4 - receive and sign your documents

Once we’ve received your order form, we’ll give you the finance paperwork and your Direct Debit agreement. You’ll need to return this to us completed and signed so we can finalise your order.

Step 5 - arrange and take delivery

Once the dealership has confirmed your van is available, we’ll be in touch with you to arrange a convenient delivery date.

You’ll then be contacted by the dealer to confirm the arrangements and finalise any special requirements.

Step 6 - enjoy your new van

Once you’ve been given the keys, our support doesn’t end. You can get in touch with the Vanparison team with any questions or concerns after your van has been delivered.

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