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How will delivery work?

When you place your order, we’ll always try and give you an accurate lead time, based on the knowledge we have at that moment in time. This could be as little as 10 working days on a stock vehicle but could be a lot longer on a factory build van due to construction and supply chain issues.

Be aware that sometimes lead times can change, but we will always keep you updated with the information we are given.

Delivery of your new lease van is available Monday-Friday during normal working hours. Weekend delivery is sometimes possible, but you’ll need to talk to your leasing consultant.

Your lease van will be delivered on a convenient day for you, but this will be subject to the supplying dealer’s availability.

We can’t provide you with an exact delivery time, but the dealer will confirm all details a few days before, and the driver will contact you a few hours before arrival. 

Most of our deliveries are driven, but any mileage accrued won’t count towards your mileage limit. When your van arrives, this is your chance to ask about your new van and any features you’re unsure of.

If you still have questions when the driver has gone, you can always ask your leasing consultant.

Your van should arrive in a clean condition, but sometimes this can be unavoidably affected by the weather on the day. When the driver arrives, you’ll be asked to sign for it.

Before signing the delivery note, please check the condition of the van thoroughly and make a note of anything you’re unhappy with on the handover documentation. Anything not noted is unable to be rectified by us.

The driver will either be collected or will travel back using public transport.

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