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How will my lease van be delivered?

Vanparison offers free delivery to mainland UK addresses in most cases, though this is not set in stone. You’ll be told if any delivery charges apply, for instance if overseas travel is required.

After you’ve placed your order and your finance has been approved, the sales admin team will be in touch to arrange delivery and sort out any additional documentation.

They’ll work with you to sort out a delivery date that suits based on the dates offered to us by the supplying dealer. You’ll be kept up to date on the progress of your order, and you can get in touch at any time if you’ve got questions.

A few days ahead of delivery the dealership should be in touch to confirm any final details. While it’s unlikely you will be given an exact time for delivery, the driver should phone you a few hours before their arrival on the day.

If necessary the car will be cleaned before delivery, but be aware that some weather conditions are unavoidable and might make this tricky.  

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