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How do I get the best van lease deal?

Our priority as a leasing broker is to advertise the best rates on the market.

Vanparison’s dedicated pricing team are constantly scouring the market to find the best lease deals, and work closely with manufacturers, dealers, and funders to create our own lease agreements.

By agreeing to high volumes, and in some cases securing stock exclusively for Vanparison, we get higher discounts that we then pass on to you.

Our best advice when it comes to securing the best van lease deals on the market, is to be realistic and honest with your Commercial Leasing Consultant when enquring. They can use this information to provide you with a personalised quote on the right vehicle for your needs.

Manufacturers and funders can apply discounts on the terms and models that suit them.

Therefore, it’s worth checking prices for different options – the savings don’t always work in the most logical way. In most cases a higher mileage limit will mean a higher monthly cost, but if a discount has been applied to some terms and not others, the monthly price for a higher mileage could actually work out better.

Our specialist leasing consultants know about the best deals on our website, so always ask them for advice.

The Vanparison search tool has also been designed to show the best priced deal on your chosen vehicle. When you’re browsing vehicles, the listings will show the cheapest upwards, but when you click through to the dedicated deal page, it’ll default to the cheapest term available.

You can always personalise your van lease deal from here, and amend the terms if the cheapest one doesn’t suit you.

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