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Is van leasing worth the money?

When it comes to funding a new van, leasing can be the most affordable option for many of us.

Bank loans and other financing methods, like PCP, tend to cost more over the same length of time because of the interest charges on the vehicle. A lease lets you finance the van based on the depreciation value instead.

It’s always worth looking at what it would cost you to buy a new van and sell it over the same period as your lease would be.

Both are subject to the same depreciation, but with buying it outright, you’d also have to deal with selling the van on and potentially losing money if the market changed. With leasing, you can just hand the van back at the end of the lease and move on to a brand-new van with very little hassle, and the depreciation value is guaranteed at the outset.

Leasing through contract hire is also the only option that includes road tax at the prevailing rate for the full term.

Add to this the convenience of collection and delivery, and the included manufacturer warranty and breakdown cover, and leasing becomes not only financially worthwhile, but also gives you peace of mind without any additional costs.

There are options if you decide van leasing isn’t for you.

If you don’t want a new van, if ownership is important to you, or you want to own that van for more than 4 years, then leasing might not be the right option. If this is the case, we can still help so contact us detailing your requirements.

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