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Can I sell a van on finance?

Yes, you can. Motorway’s dealers buy vans that are on finance, such as a PCP plan.

When your van is collected, the dealer will settle the outstanding balance directly with your finance company, and any remaining amount will be paid to you into your nominated bank account.

To complete this process, your finance provider will need to provide a ‘settlement figure’. You can request this from them at any time during your contract.

This will give you a final figure that needs to be paid before the finance contract can be ended. Once you’ve asked the funder for this, they are legally required to post or email it to you within 12 days. Once you’ve received the settlement figure, it’s generally valid for 10 days.

You’ll need to sell your van in this time frame, or you’ll need to get a fresh settlement figure. The dealer will explain how to pay this off once you’ve chosen to go ahead.

If your settlement figure is less than the offer, you can either pay the difference to the finance company directly or pay the dealer.

Motorway can’t buy vans on PCH finance.

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