Build the right van lease by considering these popular accessories

When it comes to choosing the best van accessories, the options can get a little overwhelming. From roof racks to locks, there’s so much to consider.

To help you build the best van lease deal for you and your needs, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular van accessories on the market.

Whether you're leasing a large van or a small van, it's the accessories you add that will make the vehicle work for you.

If you’re looking to add accessories to your van lease, please ensure you have permission from your finance provider before doing so.

Adding accessories to a van is not uncommon, but they may have to be removed before the end of the lease contract.

Best Interior Van accessories

Seat covers

We all know how messy our vans can get and keeping on top of cleaning it isn’t always a priority.

That’s where the handy seat cover comes in. If you want to avoid digging out mud and crumbs from the crevices of your cabin, a seat cover might be for you.

A quality seat cover will be made from durable materials and be fully waterproof.

You can go for a universal seat cover that will fit most vans, however, if these don’t fit or you want something that is perfect for your van, you can always get one tailored - but be aware this will come with an additional cost.

Floor mats

Every seat cover needs a matching floor mat, right?

The most common material recommended for van floor mats is rubber. This is more durable and easier to clean than a carpeted mat, as they don’t stain or hold on to dirt.

A thicker cut of rubber will be more hard-wearing, but it will cost a bit more than a standard thickness cut.

However, if you would prefer a different material, there are alternative options available.

Van Guard's van accessories on display

Best exterior van accessories

Roof rack

A roof rack is one of the most important pieces of equipment for any work van.

Whether it’s ladders or piping, they’re perfect for carrying large or longer items that you’re unable to fit inside the van.

The maximum additional weight for the best roof racks is around 165lbs, or roughly 75kg, which is more than enough to fit three full length ladders on.

You can choose from steel or aluminium racks, both of which have their benefits and drawbacks.

Aluminium is the more expensive of the two, but it is also lighter and is more air efficient while the van is moving. This will result in better fuel efficiency when compared against a van fitted with a steel roof rack.

That being said, the latter can be the more cost-effective choice and last longer if you’re planning a long-term lease deal.

Vauxhall Movano side door


Keeping your van safe is crucial and a good-quality locks is key to achieving this. There are three types of lock you can consider: Slam Locks, Dead Locks and Hook Locks.

  • Slam Locks

Slam Locks, as the name suggests, lock the door as soon as it closes. If you’re constantly in and out of your van on site, Slam Locks offer peace of mind while at work.

  • Dead Locks

Dead Locks are an additional bolt-style lock on the van that requires you to manually lock it. It is another layer of security, but there is always a risk of forgetting to lock it.

  • Hook Locks

Hook Locks work the same way as a Dead Lock, but the actual lock itself is in the shape of a hook - offering even more security compared to a bolt-style lock like the Dead Lock.

Rear van windows

Window grilles and blanks

Window grilles and blanks add another layer of security to vans that have rear windows. They are used to deter thieves from breaking in through rear windows.

The difference between the two is that a blank covers up the whole window and you can’t see in at all, whereas a grille has a grid layout where you can still see through.

Both options offer more security, but if you do want to maximise the safety of your van, a blank will completely block visibility inside the vehicle.

If you’re looking to add accessories to your next van, don’t hesitate to ask our team when you get in touch. Our leasing consultants are happy to help and can support you and your business in creating the perfect van for you.

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